Neurodeck Tips And Tricks

Posted on Mar 14, 2021.

Neurodeck is a unique spin on the classic build em up style card deck gameplay. The ideas in it are fascinating, but at its core, it’s still a game all about finding a good strategy and sticking to it. If you are finding it hard to progress through the game, here are five tips and Neurodeck tips and tricks to keep you winning every round.


While Neurodeck isn’t a particularly difficult game but if you are finding yourself struggling, try some of these Neurodeck tips and tricks to trump your phobias once and for all.


When building decks, always find your lane and stick to it. If you find your card pool becoming too diverse in what it is trying to do, you will likely start to find progression impossible. A good deck is highly synergistic, don’t let it diverge with extra cards that don’t really help your main game plan. Your core emotion matters to your deck. Work out what you want to be doing, and stick to it.


Much like slay the spire, sometimes less is more. If the cards you are offered to exchange/onboard are no good to you, consider just passing the opportunity. With that in mind, at each rest stop, you will have multiple options to help improve your deck. Transform is great later in the game, but don’t pass up on surveys – traits help focus your deck and bring it together. As well as this, take any chance to improve your stam or sanity as you progress through. Those stat points will matter as you reach the end game, and the gym should be the go-to choice on rest points.


Before each fight, you get to choose between two phobias. Learn the attacks from your opponents and know which is the weakest to your deck build to give yourself the best chance of making it to the end. If your deck build has a main synergy, one of the phobias will almost certainly be weak to certain aspects of it, especially in the late game. Take advantage of this and focus on fighting enemies you can beat, not those that will pose more of a challenge.


For the starting emotion Joy, if you can, get this card as early as possible. Defeating phobias with it results in them being transformed into cards for your deck, and most of the phobias are extremely powerful cards. If you manage to transform a few of them, you will have very little difficulty beating the first final boss.


The longer you are in combat with a phobia for, the more they get to beat you down. If you have no ways to remove buffs on the phobias or buff yourself, you will end up very quickly in a world of hurt. Setting up for a big turn is a good strategy to mitigate this. Wait for your phobias to have a recovery turn and then combo off with your best series of damage attacks to pull ahead before they can continue to put the pressure on.