Once in a life­time oppor­tu­nity! lim­ited quantities!

I guess you have been won­der­ing why we have been so silent lately; no new releases, no more CIB games, no juice!  Well this is because we have been super busy work­ing on the BEST Repro release on the his­tory of Repros!

We have been work­ing in a once in a life­time, lim­ited quan­tity, super awe­some, super col­lec­tive, GBA repro release. We have care­fully cho­sen the best GBA trans­la­tions out there that offer the BEST player expe­ri­ence over all and we have them here for you!

We have used ALL of our remain­ing mate­r­ial for GBA repros that we have on this and we have put all our heart and sweat so you can play these games on your orig­i­nal hardware!

So with no fur­ther due please be amazed by the list of these new GBA games! By the way, if you are an RPG junkie like us you will love it.

The games are up and ready to “Pre-order” on our web­site (the carts are already made but we are tak­ing pre-orders to be able to sort through ship­ping and han­dling). After you pur­chase you should be able to receive your game(s) within 2–3 weeks depend­ing where does your order stand in the list.

So click this link : http://store.retroquestgames.com/other.html to buy and be first in line in this lim­ited opportunity.

The titles we have for you are:

  • Fire Emblem Fuuin no Tsurugi
  • Dragon Quest Mon­sters: Car­a­van Heart
  • Ori­en­tal Blue Ao No Tengai
  • Invader
  • Super Robot Taisen J

Remem­ber this games have been trans­lated 100% into Eng­lish and are fully playable, they work on your orig­i­nal GBA hard­ware and pro­vide you with hours of fun play­time! Soon we will also have Gen­sou Suiko­den Card Sto­ries ready to pur­chase but we ran into a sav­ing problem.

Spread the word and sup­port this cause! we will use the funds we acquire to bring you more and bet­ter projects like this one. If you are plan­ning to order 3 or more please inquiry on our site to pro­vide you a dis­count coupon.

Don’t for­get… Keep Retro Gam­ing Alive!